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Sketchworks Architecture

State Line Distillery

Madison, WI

Dancing Goat Distillery

Cambridge, WI

Death's Door Spirits

Middleton, WI

Windsor Building Systems

Madison, WI


Sun Prairie, WI


Sketchworks Architecture specializes in industrial architecture, coordinating with expert consultants to design the complex requirements of organizing equipment, machinery, storage, and mobilization factors for each unique industrial project. Attractive, space efficient and economical industrial facilities are created through expert knowledge and a collaborative design process from multi-building campus site plans to additions for existing facilities. To maximize operations and plan for safe workflow, our architects work with a critical eye to recognize inefficiencies and improve a facility’s design down to the most specific of construction details. Our clients take pride in projects that not only provide space for operations and maximize return on investment, but symbolize the quality and character of their organization.


State Line Distillery: An abandoned building renovated into a distillery with an industrial look.

Dancing Goat Distillery:  A whiskey distillery designed with a contemporary barn style in mind.

Death’s Door Spirits: State-of-the-Art distillery for the largest craft distillery in Wisconsin.

Windsor Building Systems: A wood truss manufacturer who needed a new building after their previous facility had burned down.

Inform: An award winning pre-engineered building for a local product testing company.


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