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Sketchworks Architecture

Rockhound Brewing Company

Madison, WI

Roast Public House

Madison, WI

Mr. Brews Taphouse

Monona, WI

Forage Kitchen

Madison, WI

Ian's Pizza

Madison, WI

Hospitality & Restaurant

Establishing a distinctive identity is the foundation for success in the hospitality architecture marketplace. Whether we are working within corporate standards or starting fresh with designing a new business venture, Sketchworks Architecture has a history of creating memorable atmospheres that perfectly suit the individual personality of each project. We carefully balance space layouts for efficiency and selectively choose design details. This combination enhances the hospitality environment with an establishment’s signature appeal, providing our clients the benefit of cost effective designs infused with authentic character.

Rockhound Brewing Company: A Brewpub with a modern yet rustic aesthetic that was achieved using reclaimed materials.

Roast Public House: An award winning space that is home to an artisan sandwich shop and craft beer bar.

Mr Brews Taphouse: This Monona,Wisconsin restaurant is one of 12 locations for the franchise that Sketchworks has designed.

Forage Kitchen: A healthy, innovative restaurant with a unique French style interior.

Ian’s Pizza: A popular pizza restaurant melded into an iconic downtown building.



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