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Archive: September 2018

Work and Play: Designing Homes and Offices

Work and Play: Designing Homes and Offices There’s no question that designing a home and an office building are different. Knowing residential regulations and commercial building codes are imperative to an architect’s everyday toolbox. Steve Shulfer, partner and CEO of Sketchworks, has designed both—and gives us the lowdown on how an architect approaches each type […]

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On-Screen Architects

On-Screen Architects If you’re a movie buff or a TV show fanatic, you’ve probably come across a character whose occupation is “architect”. On-screen architects are portrayed in various ways; sometimes as a mysterious intellectual who has a fondness for dark clothing (i.e. Liam Neeson-Love Actually); sometimes as a quirky, creative, hopeless romantic (i.e. Ted Mosby- […]

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